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Apr 25
Food Prep or Not to Food Prep

One of the biggest topics is Food Prep or like I like to call it Quality Leftovers.    Many of us grew up with parents who were not only extremely busy but couldnt spend time cooking full meals every night so on the weekends they made some food to last through the week.   Our diet is the same way.    The business of this thing called life and finding the time to cook quality meals are harder these days too!   So in the next few paragraphs we will go over the reasons why Food Prep is important and what kind of food should be in those meals/

Why Should we Food Prep?

For a Majority of people who have set goals such as loser weight, gain muscle, lean down, train for a race, or just want to get into better shape those who meal prep accomplish their goals faster and more effectively then the ones that dont.   Food Prep helps you with setting your lifestyle of the balanced life more effectively.

The Things you need to know?

1.   Pick Your Food Prep Day -  Food Prep all starts and ends with having a plan.    Pick the day and keep it consisntant.      For me I typically food prep on Sundays mostly because that seems to be the day that always has the most free time in it.   For me its hard to always prep if I dont have it in my schedule.   With kids busy schedules Sundays is where they have the least going.    Block out time in your day so you can do this.

2.   Know your Numbers -   You shouldnt start to meal prep untiil you know your numbers and what you intend to accomplish.   Before you start prepping know how many meals you are prepping for and remember to know your Macros.   We wrote a blog on this and so you dont have to find it here is the link!  Know Your Macros

mealprep2.jpg3.   Keep it SImple -   So when you are cooking your meals try to mix it up instead of having the same thing meal after meal.  Why you ask is because you dont want to burn out because your tired of the same thing meal after meal.   Remember the vitals and what to eat is key.  This day and age there are so many options to keep it healthy but do not over complicate it.   Here are some hints for you to remember:

    Protein: Chicken breast, lean beef, pork , salmon, tuna,, lean lunch meat such turkey breast or no sugar added ham are just a few
  • Carbohydrates: Oats, quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, whole-grain tortillas and flat bread
  • Healthy fats: Almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanut butter, almond butter, olive oil and no saturated fatsl

4.  Grocery Shopping -  This may be a given but plan out your meals before you shope.   Make a list of everything you need and the number one thing to remember to stick to what you know.    Be very specific in your list and remember go after you have eaten.    A majority of people that go shopping hungry make bad choices

When you Food Prep you have a plan in pl;ace and you have everything you need to eat healthy   It is also good to line this up with your workout plan so you have balance.   Also remeember give yourself a cheat meal every now and again so you have something to look forward to.   This also avoids the Burnout!



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There are no comments for this post.