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Apr 17
Supplements - What is right for you

So we have all heard that magic word called Supplements.    They are suppose make you this super hero and you expect them to work right away without putting in the work.   Not at all most of them are made with a specific goal in mind.   Some of those goals are weight loss, lean muscle, muscle mass, increase your fitness level.   So the question you may be asking yourself is what is right for me and what should I take.   For all of those who don't know me I love to do cardio.  Yes I know I am a bit insane but there is a reason that I do love it.    It changed my life.   Dont get me wrong I use to despise it like the rest of you but it is my relief from everything.    When it comes to cardio preworkout and BCAAs are fital.   In this blog I am goiing to layout some of the ones that I stand behind.

The Supplement industry has gone wild but their are a lot of the, out there how do you know which ones are best for me.   That one is so simple to answer and here are my Top 5 to look for.

1.  Always Read the Label - Never buy any supplements before without reading the label.   This will tell you a lot about what is in a supplement.  Pay attention to what is actually in them.   The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) and the AI (Adequate Intake) are the amounts of a vitamin or mineral you need to stay healthy and stay nourished.​

2.  ​​​​​Cerification -  Make sure they have a certification and how they are approved.  Be sure to check for USP (which stands for United States Pharmacopeia),” “Under the USP certification, look for GNP (Good Manufacturing Practices) These indicate strength, purity, potency and how the product will dissolve in your body.”

3.  ​The Price Tag - Never ever go with the cheap supplements   A price tag says a lot about the supplement.   If its really cheap most likely you are just going to be wasting your money.   The higher quality ingredients are going to cost more but not a ridicolous amount of money.

4.  ​Other Ingredients -   Pay atthention to the other ingredients cause they can get you away from your goals.    Avoid the ones that are  from added sugars, colors, dyes and artificial flavors and colors.

5.  ​​Allergens -   Check for possible allergens because the high quality ones which are the ones you want to use have these listed out.  

Now that we know what to look for lets talk about a few types of supplements.

1.  PreWorkout -   This is most likely the #1 type of supplement a majority people take because this is what enhances your workout.   It not only makes you stronger gives you energy and the pump in order to get the most of your workout.

2.   Recovery - Recovery is vital to seeing changes in the body fastest but you have to put the work in.    Make sure you have Amino Acids and BCAAs in them for best results.

3.   Protein -   Like any supplement Protein is vital to muscle growth but be very careful when chosing this because therir are many kinds.   The two most popular are Soy and Whey Protein.   Make sure its 100 Pecent Whey Protein Isolate because if its not it most likely wont be beneficial for you.

4.  Creatine -   This is the one that is most underated in my opinion because this gives you muscle growth.  Many people over take this because they want to see muscle growth faster but let your body do the work.

So what kinds do you take.   I stick with one company and that is Nutrithority. Click here to check them out​

1.  For Preworkout I use Mr. Fusion.   This one is loaded with all the good stuff and a little kick for those days you need that Butt Kicking




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There are no comments for this post.