‚ÄčOur Story

We firmly believe that diet and exercise go hand and hand. Its not only a temporary change but a lifestyle change. We developed the Cut the Crap Program because our Founder
and President Toby McGrail knew he needed to make a drastic change in his lifestyle.

He soon found out that he needed to have a 50-50 scenerio. What does that mean you may ask? It means you have to have 50 percent Eating Right and 50 Percent Exercise.

In March 2005 he weighed 310 Pounds. You may say thats not that big but at 6 Foot 2 Inches it actually is. People told him that he doesnt look that big but he knew he was. He
began running and biking every day. When he first began he couldnt even go 1/4 of a mile without feeling like he was gonna pass out. So he began running little by little each day.
Increasing his stamina and working on time not speed. In addition to that he joined Fitness First gym and dedicated to workout 3 times a way.

While keeping this program he went on a strict eating habits also know as "Dieting. He began eating lots of fruits, vegetables, salad, jello, and low sodium popcorn.
As he continued with the Program for about 5 months from being motivated by "The Biggest Loser". He was able to lose an astonishing 130 pounds and went from wearing a size
44 waist all the way to a 32 Inch Waist

So you say you cant do it or don't have the motivation to do it. That's where we come in. We will help you with personal training, motivation, eating habits and much much more.
We not only provide a workout program that will fit your lifestyle but will suggest an eating program so that you can meet your goals.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, turn that current muscle into lean muscle. We can help. Contact us today to learn more.